Sport 14 and Sport 16

We have started this website as Sport 14 sailors and also a supplier of parts for the Sport 14 and Sport 16. We have always thought that they are great boats and now that we have a young Son we thought we should buy one so that we can all sail together. We have sailed a Buzz, ISO and Spice for many years, but this is now difficult to do, we also have a Blaze, but it will be great to all go afloat together.

Here is our Sport 14, no. 627

The Sport 14 & Sport 16 Portsmouth Yardstick Number

Current Sport 14 PY Trial Number - 1090
Current Sport 16 PY Trial Number - 1075

Numbers developed from reports sent to me so far . . . keep them coming!!

The RYA has not published a Sport 14 or Sport 16 PY number for many years due to not receiving enough returns for assessment. I would like to work out an accurate number and need your help to do this. If possible can you send me results from races that a Sport 14 or Sport 16 has done ideally with some details of the weather conditions and whether it was sailed well in the race. I generally know what results i achieve in other boats, i can normally work out the position i'd expect to achieve based on the weather, wind direction, tide, no. of tactical errors and if any capsizes were experienced. If this detail is not available then just the results will be a good start.

The PY or Trial Number I would like to recommend for 2017 is 1090 for the Sport 14 and 1075 for the Sport 16, this is based on data and information i have obtained by speaking to other Sport sailors.

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This web will be developed further soon. If you'd like more information on the Sport 14 or Sport 16, or any information about spares then do get in touch via Vantage Sailing - [email protected]