Vantage Sailing Limited


£ 7.50
Allen AL4172 Stay Adjuster 5mm pins

Allen AL4172 - Stay Adjuster

2 x 5mm pins included.

£ 2.00
Allen A4388 Small Pressed Stainless Steel V Style Lacing Eye

A4388 V Style Lacing Eye, 27mm Hole Centres

Buzz & ISO Application - Various Mast Fittings

£ 6.25
Clamcleat® CL217 Mk1 Side Entry Cleat (Starboard)
Clamcleat® CL217 Mk1 Side Entry (Starboard) Hard Anodised
£ 11.00
Clamcleat® CL253 Trapeze & Vang, Hard Anodised
Clamcleat® CL253AN Trapeze & Vang, Hard Anodised
£ 1.95
60mm Carbine Hook60mm Carbine Hook, Without Eye.

Stainless Steel (316)

£ 28.00
Available in 21 days
Super Spars Goose Neck FittingGoose Neck fitting by Super Spars.
£ 7.95
Super Spars Goose Neck Clevis PinClevis Pin for the Goose Neck fitting by Super Spars.

£ 15.95
Super Spars Goose Neck Pin & ToggleGoose Neck fitting by Super Spars.

Pin & Toggle only
£ 6.25
RWO R4304 'Doughnut' for wire or rope

RWO R4304 - Doughnut for trapeze handles or sail protection

Removable insert for wire or rope

Twin Pack

£ 7.50
RWO R4390 Stay Adjuster 5mm pins

RWO R4390 - Stay Adjuster

2 x 5mm pins included.

£ 1.00
RWO R6621 - Clevis Pin 5mm x 10mm

RWO R6621 - Clevis Pin 5mm x 10mm

£ 10.95
SeaSure 25mm Block with metal sheave & shackle

Metal Sheave Block with Shackle (01.01)

For use in high load applications such as those imposed by wire and Dyneema halyards

£ 2.50
Sea Sure 19.31BLK Trapeze Disc/ Handle 52mm

SeaSure 52mm Trapeze Disc/ Handle in Black

£ 2.50
Sea Sure 19.31BLU Trapeze Disc/ Handle 52mm

SeaSure 52mm Trapeze Disc/ Handle in Blue

£ 2.50
Sea Sure 19.31RED Trapeze Disc/ Handle 52mm

SeaSure 52mm Trapeze Disc/ Handle in Red

£ 8.95
Sea Sure 19.36 Trapeze Ring/ Handle with Sheave

SeaSure 19.36 Trapeze Handle

Stainless Steel with Sheave

£ 59.95
Available in 14 days
Super Spars Rig Tension Gauge - SmallRig Tension Gauge by Superspars
£ 925.00
ISO Mast - Part Rigged
ISO Mast - Available Fully Rigged, Part Rigged or UnRigged
£ 70.00
Spreader Bracket - ISOSpreader Bracket by Superspars - Heavy Duty for the ISO
£ 67.50
A pair of ISO Shrouds by Super Spars.
£ 55.00
One Jib Halyard inc. rope tail
£ 95.00
ISO Trapeze Wires - CompleteOne pair of trapeze wires inc. cleat and hooks
£ 70.00
ISO Trapeze Wires - Wires OnlyOne pair of trapeze wires
£ 22.50
Trapeze Wire to Rope adaptor - 300mm (Pair)One pair of trapeze wires, 300mm long.

Hooks into the mast and allows dyneema or similar to be attached instead of the standard wire.
£ 28.00
Main Halyard
Main Halyard - 4mm Marlow Excel Racing
£ 24.70
Spinnaker Halyard
Spinnaker Halyard - 5mm Marlow 8 Plait
£ 3.45
Sail FeederSail Feeder by Superspars
£ 12.00
Mast Spreader
Superspars Spreader for Buzz and ISO
£ 2.95
Mast Main Halyard Sheave
Superspars Main Halyard Sheave for Buzz, ISO & Spice
£ 19.95
Jib Halyard Tension Block

Jib Halyard Tension Block for the Buzz, ISO & Spice.

Various types available, as can be seen in the photo.


£ 14.95
Mast Collar
Superspars Mast Collar for the Buzz and ISO
£ 24.95
Mast StepMast Step for the Buzz, ISO, Spice and the Topper Blaze