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Blaze Replacement Main Sail (Hyde) - 535.50 Offer Price - Deposit for July 2021 Delivery

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Blaze Replacement Main Sail (Hyde) - £535.50 Offer Price - Deposit for July 2021 Delivery
Blaze Replacement Main Sail by Hyde - £535.50 (10% off, normal price £595)

Secure a sail at £535.50 for July 2021 delivery.

£100 Deposit to reserve one of the sails due to arrive by July 2021

My apologies, but due to demand I am having to request a deposit on these sails in order to commit to ordering more. The sails that you can reserve are already on order and due by the end of July 2021.

Please note that this sail is not class legal and therefore cannot be used at any class association event.

Supplied rolled complete with battens and sail bag, it doesn't have the official Blaze logo on it. 
Does not include sail numbers, these can be purchased separately and if purchased from us we will fit for free, just let us know if you would like us to.

For a Genuine Class legal Blaze Main Sail and other Blaze specific parts contact Hartley Boats who will be happy to help.