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Rudder Pin Bush - Short

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Rudder Pin Bush - Short
Lower Stock Rudder Pin Bush - Short
2 bushes are fitted to the lower stock, one short, one long.
To fit;
- You need to make sure that the old bush is fully removed and that the stock is clean.
- Using a file put a very small chamfer around the end of the bush that you will be inserting into the stock.
- It is best to push the bush in using a vice, slowly pushing it in whilst slightly 'wobbling' the stock.
- Try the rudder pin into the bush, you may need to run an 8mm drill through it, ensuring that you drill in line with the other bush.
- The pin should now fit ok, it is worth spraying the pin and bushes with a lubricant spray such as Pro-Lube to make inserting the rudder pin easier.
If you need any advise on the above then feel free to contact us, we're here to help!!