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SeaSure 25mm Block with metal sheave & shackle

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SeaSure 25mm Block with metal sheave & shackle

Metal Sheave Block with Shackle (01.01)

Brass sheave blocks

For use in high load applications such as those imposed by wire and Dyneema halyards. The stainless steel side plates prevent highly abrasive ropes from cutting in
  • Rope sizes & Types: 4mm wire, Dyneema, Spectra or Kevlar
  • Sheave: Chrome plated brass
  • Bearing: Plain - chrome plated brass onto s/steel
  • Body construction: Electro polished 316 s/s with hollow rivet
  • Breaking loads: 950kg (01-02)
  • Weight: 35g (01-02)
  • Typical uses: Halyards, outhauls, kicking straps, cunninghams, traveller control lines, leech lines